Integration Process

The mandatory part of the integration process for the SailPlay platform involves the following steps:

1.    insert the JS code into the general layout

2.    implement the authentication method

3.    implement the method call for accrual of bonus points for the user purchase

4.    implement adding the gift into the basket or any other process of assigning the gift to the user


Additionally, you can implement:

1.    a mechanism of purchase confirmation

2.    a mechanism of a user logging into SailPlay system

3.    a mechanism of acquiring the user information in SailPlay system

4.    cross-authentication (single sign-on for your service and SailPlay)

The entire process is described in detail below.


General description

Interaction with the SailPlay API is built on HTTP/HTTPS requests. All parameters are transferred in the format of GET (POST) queries. The response is always the data in JSON format.

To increase the security of transmitted data, we recommend using HTTPS requests to the API methods. At this, all https requests should be addressed strictly to the "" domain.


Further, the following definitions will be used:

  • transaction – any action related to the accrual/withdrawal of bonus points to the user, using the API

  • token – а unique session identifier. Is used in the partner authentication in SailPlay system

  • pin code – numerical code used in some requests to API SailPlay (eg., in authorization). Its purpose is to separate the partner system parts for building the further analytics.