SailPlay API


All communication between your services (website, mobile applications, POS-terminal or desktop applications) happens through our HTTP(s) API. This means that all requests to SailPlay API must come through the http(s)-queries, with transmitted parameters GET/POST.


Integration Process

Mandatory parts of the integration process with the SailPlay platform have the following steps:

  1. insert JS-code into the general layout next to the tag </ body>
  2. implement  the authentication method for your application in the SailPlay system
  3. implement  the call method for earning bonus points for purchases
  4. implement the addition of gifts to the basket, or  another process for users to acquire gifts


Additionally, you can implement:

  1. system for confirmation of purchases
  2. registration system for users in SailPlay
  3. system for obtaining information about the user in the SailPlay system
  4. cross-authentication (one single sign-up for your services and SailPlay)

Further details of the process are described later in this document.